Welcome Home

Welcome to Cleveland. AKA Area Code 216.

If you like your stories dark, wry, stubborn, funny, wild, gritty … and proud of it … you’re home.

Cleveland is a big, dirty, funky, ratty, cool old town loaded with smart, feisty, real people who say stuff like, “You know you’re living in a rough neighborhood when someone honks at a blind man in the crosswalk.” 

The local girl who said that was Allie–don’t call me Alice–Harper.  Allie’s the protagonist of Somebody’s Bound To Wind Up Dead and she lives in Cleveland. Collinwood, actually. She has to — since she lives in my head — and my head, my heart and all the rest of me live right here, too.

If Allie didn’t hang out with me, she’d have never been waiting for the Number 30 up at the RTA stop across from Joe’s Super Market.  And if I hadn’t stuck her there, lonely and massively broke, she’d never have met Tom, the hot, blind college professor who was about to change her love life and the state of her finances forever.  (It must have been that MondoMillions ticket he had in his grocery bag along with the packet of McCormick’s Tex-Mex Chili Seasoning, the pound of ground chuck, and the two cans of tomatoes. Plus, he’s just so hot….)

Too bad about all the murders and assault-and-batterings, plus, the attempted & successful kidnappings. But $156 million?  You do the math.

October is Bouchercon Season and this year, the Anthony Boucher Memorial World Mystery Convention of creators, readers and celebrators of mystery and detective fiction is bringing its traveling medicine show of murder, mayhem, and mystery to big, dirty, funky, ratty, cool old Cleveland.

Now there’s a match made in … well, let’s wait and see.

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